Black belts success for WKA

Wessex Karate Academy is celebrating eight new black belt promotions to its students after a three day training camp held at the Wessex traditional Martial Arts gym in Weymouth. Over sixty students from across the country came to Weymouth to train in Go-Ju Ryu karate taken by 7th Dan Black belt Kevin Nason. At the end of the weekend twelve students took their black belt test.

From Wessex Karate Academy students Mark Bradley and Mark Critchel were awarded their black belts as well as family of three Natasha. East (15) and Phulmaya (13). Also father and son, Steve and Greg Bucke were successful after twelve years of training, both overcoming a range of disabilities to get to this level. Lastly university student Sian Franklin was promoted to 2nd level black belt.

Phulmaya, Natasha, East, Steve, Greg, Sian, Mark Critchel, Mark Bradley


Kobudo News

Following the mini Gasshuku Wessex Traditional Martial arts hosted a weekend Seminar in Ryu Kyu Kobudo, the art of traditional Okinawan weaponary with the training taken by Renshi Dell Hanby (6th Dan).

This was part of a European tour with seminars held in Erlangen, Germany and Moscow.

Students learn eight different weapons in this martial art style:

Tekko (knuckle dusters based on horse stirrups)

Nunchuku           (rice flails)

Bo Staff              (6ft tapered wooden staff)

Sai                      (metal three pronged daggers)

Tonfa                  (wooden truncheons or nightsticks)

Kama                  (hand held sickles)

Roshin & Timbe (shield and short spear)

Ekkyu                 (the oar or paddle)

At the end of the weekends training three students from Wessex Karate Academy were put forward to be tested with 16 year old Oliver Walden and Callum Hume being promoted to 2nd & 1st Kyu Brown belt respectively after performing with the Tekko, Bo and Nunchuku.

Aaron Mallom (22) was awarded his 1st Dan black belt after demonstrating with Bo, Nunchuku and Sai.