Newsletter – Mar 2018


Wessex Karate Academy is run by a committee which is elected at the Annual General Meeting.  This year’s AGM is on Thursday, 26 April 2018 at 7.30pm at the WTMA Gym (Weymouth Dojo).  Please speak to Paul Foot (Chairman) if you are interested in being involved.  But please feel free to attend if you are just interested to see how the club is running.

WTMA Workshop & Open Day

Have you ever wanted to try a martial art but don’t know your judo from your jiu-jitsu? WTMA gym is raising money for major development at their venue (Weymouth dojo) with an open day for anyone interested to see what they do and join in with 30 minute workshops in some of the martial arts styles held there. There will be workshops in Boxing, Taekwondo, Okinawan Karate, Traditional Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Okinawan Weaponry. All ages are welcome but many of the martial arts styles are only available for over 14 years old to participate. To take part a £5.00 minimum donation is requested.

Crewkerne Club

Sensei Paul Foot has opened a new club in Crewkerne, Somerset. Initially this will be a kids class on a Wednesday evening. Please speak to Sensei Paul for more information.

Kobudo Courses

WTMA will be hosting two Kobudo courses:

28 April 2018:  Gabe Weyman from Frome

19 – 21 June 2018: Dell Hamby

Dell Hamby will also be taking a Uechi Ryu class during the adult class on Tuesday 19 June 2018.

More details to be provided by Sensei Peter closer to the events

Easter Holidays

All classes will be on as usual over the Easter Holidays except for Easter Sunday where there will be no class.

Keeping Up To Date

Please don’t forget to check the Wessex Karate Academy’s Facebook and Website for news, updates and announcements.