Mark Bradley returns to training after stroke

Wessex Karate Academy is delighted (and proud) that Mark Bradley has returned to training after suffering a brain haemorrhage a few months back.

On the 4th of August 2018, after a pleasant day with his wife Sue, Mark, a retired member of the Royal Navy, suffered a brain haemorrhage which caused him to suffer a stroke.

Recognising the signs of a stroke from the act F.A.S.T. adverts, Sue called 999 and the paramedics responded rapidly arriving quickly and getting Mark to Dorchester hospital. A CT scan revealed bleeding on the brain. He was transferred to Southampton hospital for more tests on the 8th.

Thanks to the swift aid, Mark was in good spirits with his usual sense of humour joking to the nurses about it being Christmas every day in heaven.

Mark was released from the hospital on the 15th and started feeling extremely low. After leaving the hospital he was awash with thoughts like “Have I got this disability for the rest of my life?”

He tried his best to get back to some exercise and private training as soon as possible, both at his karate dojo and local swimming pool.

His Occupational Therapist said she was very happy for him to keep up his Karate training as it would help speed up his recovery. After starting up Goju-ryu Karate at the Wessex Martial Arts Academy in 2010 after a 19 year break from a different style, Mark achieved his first dan black belt in the summer of 2017 and has been the entertainments manager of the clubs committee for the past three years.

At first he was worried to return to classes normally as “knowing things I could do before but can’t do now made me feel dreadfully anxious. But after being back in class a few times that’s all gone.”

The whole club is thrilled to have him back with us and are deeply thankful for his rapid recovery; one of the black belts, Natasha Hope said, “It’s good to see him back in here with a smile on his face!”

Other members of the club have noted that now that he is recovering Mark is finding a new understanding of the technique and his karate is improving at an amazing rate.

On the 15th of October, just over ten weeks after his stroke, Mark came back to training trying to get at least three sessions a week in. He accredits his miraculous recovery to being physically strong, having a sense of humour and the support from his friends and wife Sue.