Belgium Gasshuku 2019

This year’s GKI annual summer Gasshuku, or training camp, was hosted by the amazing Belgium dojos who provided an outstanding course. Held in Grobbendonk over 4 days, the Gasshuku was attended by Karateka from the UK, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, South Africa and, of course, Belgium

Eleven members of the Wessex club attended the event, with four students grading at black belt levels; the pressure was on! The outcomes were successful, with three students gaining their 1st degree Black belt (Shodan) and one student achieving his 5th degree Black belt (Godan).

 The record breaking temperature wasn’t the only thing turning up the heat, as all four members of the club; Claire Carlin, Aaron James Mallon, Toby Webber and Scott Robyns were struggling with injuries before or during the course and grading.

Watching the proceedings, with injuries from a sprained ankle to torn ligaments, head of the Wessex club Peter Thompson was just as stressed as those grading! But he said he couldn’t be prouder of his students, even going on to say that he had goose bumps watching the 3 new Shodan’s perform their katas.

The newest Godan in the GKI organisation, Scott Robyns, said that “All round it was a great time; the course was well organised with a vast list of great Sensei’s.

Summer Gradings 2019

Weymouth Junior White & Yellow belt group.

As the weather warms up students have been feeling the heat as grading week has arrived. Over the course of the grading’s Wessex students have proven just how talented they are.

With this being the very first grading for most of the youngest juniors, many between the ages of 6 and 9, everyone involved were overwhelmed by their brilliance. The adults showed just as much heart demonstrating their techniques and true karate spirit.

Head instructor Peter Thompson had to point out just how proud of the club he is afterwards. Watching the level of his students as they trained throughout the grading’s, he couldn’t hide the impressed grin upon his face.

Southhill summer fete 2019

Most folks enjoy a good school fete, with fun games and even a fire truck to see but for the kids who train with Wessex Karate Academy it was an excellent chance to show off their skills and techniques. With a short demonstration lead by Sensei Peter of some Ippon kumite and some basic techniques the crowd were thoroughly impressed. And the students all had a lot of fun letting their classmates see some impressive karate applications.

Beach training 2019

With the weather on our side Wessex karate had its first beach training
session on Sandsfoot beach.

Students spent the session going over their katas, demonstrating ippon
kumite techniques and improving their basic techniques in the sunshine before all diving into the sea for a bit of fun and to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Home is where the Dojo is.

Local martial artists are celebrating their 4th year at the Wessex Traditional Martial Arts Academy (WTMA), located at 83 Lynch Lane, Weymouth.

The head of Wessex Karate Academy, Mr Peter Thompson (6Th Dan Goju-Ryu Karate) expresses his immense gratitude for all who helped him turn the former warehouse home of New Look into a modern and well equipped Dojo (training hall). It took a lot of hard work and dedication but the club grows every day and couldn’t be happier.

The Dojo is now the proud home of many clubs boasting a wide array of styles such as Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Jujitsu and Kobudo, alongside multiple fitness classes and even a Baby ballet class.

The Dojo is also used for courses held by many important martial artists from around the globe, with ties to other clubs worldwide. The WTMA is fast becoming a major hub for martial arts in the south of England.

Recently Ian Rossiter, a 4th Dan in Jujitsu, held a two-part seminar looking at a variety of traditional Jujitsu and Brazilian Jujitsu techniques.

He had this to say afterwards; “I have had the utmost pleasure training and teaching alongside the Instructors at Wessex Traditional Martial Arts and I find it refreshing to find that the traditional values of martial arts are at the core of what is taught here.”

He went on to praise the “fantastic facilities” and its “knowledgeable instructors”.

The WTMA hopes to have more events like this as it moves into the New Year.

New students are always encouraged to come in and find out what’s available, as there are classes on every day.