Club History

Wessex Karate Academy started life as a Dorchester Karate club formed around 1980/1 by Sensei Craig Nevitt and had a few instructors until taken over by his student Mark Caples who joined it with his club in Weymouth formed in 1987. In 1996 a Dojo on Portland was started by Pete Thompson who took over all three dojo’s in 1998 and formed Wessex Karate Academy. In 2005 another club in Milborne St Andrew was added.

Over the years 38 students have achieved black belt rank and between them have passed 67 Dan gradings in front of the GKI chief instuctors. The club has also produced many local and national champions with 14 students so far representing the UK or England in Go-Ju Ryu Karate.

Wessex Karate Academy now runs 8 classes a week around south Dorset for both children and adults. We have over 80 members, 20 currently training black belts and 5 qualified instructors.