Peter  Thompson

Sensei Pete is the club’s senior instructor and holds the ranks of 7th Dan in Go-Ju Ryu karate and 2nd Dan in Ryu Kyu Kobudo Shimbukan (traditional okinawan weapoanry).

Pete has competed and coached with both the UK and England teams.

For a full history please see:
Pete Thompson WKA-Senior instructor

Mary ThompsonMary Thompson

Sensei Mary was a 4th Dan instructor with the club:

“I was encouraged to start training by my sons in the autumn of 1992, and attained my Shodan in 1998. I have attended countless courses in this country, Europe, South Africa and once in Japan.

My fondest memories are of Sensei James’ celebration of 40 years of Goju Ryu Karate in South Africa which was held in Cape Town. There I attained my San Dan and two silver medals in the competition. Portugal saw me earn my Yon Dan in 2009.

I consider myself priviledged to have been teaching and assisting Sensei Pete since 1998 as to teach is to learn twice. “

Sadly Sensei Mary passed away at the end of 2017. Even at the end she was the perfect example of a Karateka. She continues to inspire countless students in their training and is missed greatly.

ScottScott Robyns

Sensei Scott is a 5th Dan instructor at the club and also holds the rank of 2nd Dan in Ryu Kyu Kobudo.

Scott started karate when he was only 5 and had received his 1st Dan black belt by the age of 12. He has attended many national competitions with wins dotted throughout.

Scott has also attended several international competitions including ones in Okinawa and Europe and in 2006 Scott took part in the Martial Arts Goodwill Festival in Cape Town, South Africa.

Paul Foot

Paul is a 4th Dan instructor at the club and is also the club Chairman:

“I started karate with my brother Gary in 1992 under Steve Legg in Dorchester. Both Gary and I passed all our grades together and in 1996 passed our 1st Dans, being the first brothers to achieve this.

After passing my Brown Belt grading in 1995, I trained under Mark Caples. After 1997 I trained under Peter Thompson but due to family constraints my training was put on hold. In 2003 I returned to training and passed my 2nd, 3rd and 4th Dans during the following 9 years.

I have attended many GKI National Competitions since 1994 achieving a mixture of success. In more recent years I have taken more of a referee role. I am a qualified instructor and regularly assist and teach both junior and adult classes. I am a qualified First Aider.”

Gary Foot

Gary is a 4th Dan instructor at the Wessex Karate Academy:

“Having started karate with my brother Paul in 1992 we both passed all our grades together and in 1996 attained our Black Belts (1st Dan). Two years later I was awarded my 2nd Dan during the summer Gasshuku in Stockholm, Sweden.

Following a few breaks from regular karate training I returned to regular training and in 2007 was awarded 3rd Dan, again, with my brother Paul. I spent some years instructing mixed adult and junior Friday classes at the Dorchester Dojo.

Most recently, I was able to attend the summer Gasshuku in Grobbendonk, Belgium with other members of the Wessex Karate Academy, where I attained 4th Dan.”

Chris Fryer

In 1990 after seeing an advert in Pool for a Karate club just after joining the Police force Chris first started training with Sensei Craig Nevit. In 1996 with Sensei Peter he got his 2nd Dan. After a 5 year break Chris returned to Karate with a new focus.  In 2023 he passed his 5th Dan and trains 3-4 times a week and helps teach at local primary schools alongside Sensei Peter.

Jamie Northover

Starting back in 2004 as a shy junior who didn’t really want to compete in competitions, Jamie went on to win the nationals after his mother signed him up for it. After that he really found his passion in Karate and recently awarded his 4th Dan.

“I love Karate; I can’t give it up now. I think it’s one of those things that once you start you never really give up. Even if you take a break you end up coming back sooner or later.”

NicoleNicole May

Nicolle started Go-Ju Ryu at age nine; grading quickly through the colour belts, she earned her 1st Dan at 14, then second Dan at 16 and third Dan at just 21. She is a shining example of commitment and achievement.

“I have always been involved with martial arts throughout my whole life since progressing I have enjoyed and loved training and teaching karate. It’s means everything not only do I train but it’s like a family I’ve met so many people and gained so much experience. Karate will always be a part of my life!”