kneelAll training sessions begin and end with MOKUSO (meditation).

Mokuso –
‘moku’ – silent/still
‘so’ – thoughts/thinking

The purpose of the opening Mokuso is to relax and clear the mind and to allow any cares or anger to drain away before commencing training. Closing Mokuso is to allow for reflection on what has been taught and to calm the mind and body prior to leaving the Dojo. During Mokuso breathing should be controlled (in through the nose, out through the mouth, exhaling air from deep within the abdomen).
Opening ceremony
Instructor: SHUGO (shoo-go) Line Up
KI O TSUKE (key-oht-skay) Attention
Sensei turns to face the front of the Dojo
Senior Student: SEIZA (say-zah) Kneel (students kneel in order of seniority)
MOKUSO (mok-so) Meditation (close eyes)
MOKUSO YAME (mok-so yah-may) End of meditation (open eyes)
SHOMEN NI (show-men nee) Face forward
REI (ray) Bow
Sensei turns to face students
SENSEI NI (Sehn-seh-ee nee) Students turn towards Sensei
REI (ray) Bow
All students: ONEGAISHIMASU (on-nah-guy-she-mahhs) Please teach me
Instructor: KIRITSU (key-writ-soo) Stand up
KI O TSUKE (key-oht-skay) Attention
REI (ray) Bow