Pete Thompson WKA-Senior instructor

Pete started training in Go-Ryu Karate in 1988 aged 9 in Weymouth
and Dorchester under Sensei’s Mark Caples and Craig Nevitt. In 1994
aged 15 he was graded to 1st Dan Black belt and later that year
qualified as an assistant instructor.

In 1998 after gaining his 3rd Dan black belt his instructor left and he
took over the dojo’s in Weymouth and Dorchester and added to his
own club on Portland to form Wessex Karate Academy. Then a few
years later a club in Milborne St Andrew was added.

He is currently the senior instructor of Wessex Karate Academy and
hold the ranks of 7th Dan in Go-Ju Ryu Karate and 3rd Dan in Ryu
Kyu Kobudo Shimbukan (traditional okinawan weaponry).

He has competed and coached with both the UK and England Go-Ju
Ryu karate teams at 5 international competitions, competing at the
home of Go-Ju Ryu karate in Okinawa in 2009. He is currently also
the Vice Chairman and Instructor coach for the GKI UK karate

In 2013 he formed Wessex Traditional Martial Arts Ltd to be the
company in charge of a full-time centre for the Karate club and other
forms of traditional martial arts clubs and training.