Newsletter – June 2024


This year’s AGM was held via Zoom on Wednesday 22nd May 2024. Due to increasing commitments Carly Barrett-Greening has had to step down from the position of Club Safeguarding Officer (but will continue to be involved in this role with the GKI). This position has been taken over by Hannah Davis whose contact details are  Please welcome Hannah to the club.

Alice Mango has stepped down as Club Secretary and Sheilagh Anderson has taken over this role.

The Club would like to thank both Carly and Alice for all of their hard work, commitment and dedicated involvement over the previous years.

Club Fees

Club fees have remained the same for several years and Sensei Pete has always worked towards keeping them as low as possible. The rise in cost of living has finally affected the club financial situation and the committee agreed at the AGM that it is essential to increase the fees across the board.

The Club does not want current members to feel that they are unable to continue due to this rise. Please contact Sensei Pete directly if you need to discuss this.

The new fees are as follows:

Juniors (6 – 18) Monthly fee
Karate £30 (standing order / cash)
£32 (cheque)
Seniors (18+)
Karate or Kobudo £40 (standing order / cash)
£42 (cheque)
Both Karate & Kobudo £60

A family group of 1 adult plus 2 or more children should add £5 to the adult fee.

Grading dates June/July 2024

Friday 28th June – All Dojos: Junior Intermediates, green – purple/white belts (7th – 4th Kyu) 4.45-6.30pm Weymouth.

Mon 1st July – All Dojos: Juniors, white – orange belts (10th- 8th Kyu) 5 – 6.30pm Weymouth

Mon 1st July – All Dojos: Adult white – purple/white belts (10th-4th Kyu) 6.45 – 8.45pm Weymouth

Tue 2nd July – All Dojos: All brown & black belts (3rd Kyu +) 6.30 – 9.00pm Dorchester

Forthcoming Events:

*23rd June 2024:                Brown & Black Belt training – Berkshire

*14th July 2024:                  Brown & Black Belt training – Berkshire or Hertfordshire

20th July 2024:                  Inter Club Kumite only, point sparring competition (adults and children) – Weymouth

*15 – 17th August 2024:      International Summer Gasshuku – Sweden

*15th September 2024:       Referee Training – Weymouth

*13th October 2024:            GKI Nationals – Woodley

*9 – 10th November 2024:   International Winter Gasshuku – Birmingham

*Further details on these events can be found on the GKI website:

No class Milbourne St Andrew

July 4th 2024                      Due to General Elections being held in the church hall there will be no class that evening.